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I Tried Halle Berry’s 5-Minute Ab Workout, and My Abs Still Haven’t Forgiven Me


It’s no secret Halle Berry is one of my favorite people in the world. Although I’ve yet to meet her( I’m definitely speaking it into existence ), I feel like her workout BFF thanks to our mutual love for fitness. Every Friday, I religiously check Halle’s Instagram to see what’s she got cooking for her Fitness Friday series.

Her most recent post was a core workout, my favorite, and as soon as I saw the moves, I knew it was going to be a challenge. I’m no rookie to Halle’s workouts( here’s another one of her ab workouts I tried ), and was superexcited to test this one out.

I started my workout off with my go-to ab-activating exercises, then I did a lower-body strength workout followed by Halle’s five-minute ab workout. It was 100 -percent hard, but I loved how I felt my abs firing nonstop from start to finish. The exercises were more conditioning than the ones I’ve been doing lately, so don’t be surprised if you’re huffing and puffing! If you’re looking for something challenging and quick, I definitely recommend trying this workout. It won’t disappoint.

If you want to try Halle’s ab workout for yourself, continue reading.

Halle’s Ab Shredding Workout

Ab wheel rollout: 12 reps Single-leg walkout to push-up: 10 reps Partner plank switching or body watched: 12 reps Hollow stone or v-sit: 30 seconds Partner leg taps or lying leg create with a hip thrust: 12 reps

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