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The Powerball Supernova Pro is the fitness device you can keep at your desk


Combat joint strain with help from this funky-looking ball.
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You know you’re not in your twenties anymore when cleaning the tub leads to a sore back. Even sitting at a desk, typing, and routine movements can cause aches and pains when you cross that threshold into your thirties.

And since time machines are not a thing (yet!), strengthening vulnerable muscle groups could be your best remedy. The Powerball Supernova Pro seems like a simple solution, whether you’re nursing an injury or safeguarding against one. And it’s a lot cheaper than physical therapy. 

Check it out:

With as little as three minutes of exercise per day, the Powerball Supernova can apparently help you build long-term strength and mobility in fingers, hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders, making you less susceptible to Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) and improving your grip and endurance. This no-impact workout is also perfect for rehabilitating existing injuries without risking further strain.

According to the product page, it uses a precisely engineered gyroscope that spins at over 18,000 RPMs to generate powerful resistance. Simply hold the Powerball, wind the rotor, release, and slowly rotate your wrist in a circular motion. As speed builds up, the ball’s motion will provide an isometric workout. The included instructional video will show you new ways to use the Powerball to get the exact routine your body needs. 

The Powerball Supernova Pro’s regular $35.99 price point has been reduced to just $21.99 for a limited time only. Do your fingers (and wrists and shoulders and neck and back) a favor. 

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